Blender is the largest and most industry ready and it is used in many films i is used at Netflix in the film NextGen blender is powerful 3d animation, VFX, a render engine, modeling, sculpting, UV unwrap and projects software, animation, rigging, 2d animation with the grease pencil, and open-source software. Blender is powered by the python you can make anything in the 3d environment with the help of python ther is a lot of tutorials available on blender on the internet the most import feature of blender is that is an open-source a 3d software usually needs more efforts to make a large amount for investment. But Ton Roosendaal has made it available for free he in an interview taken by BlenderGuru on youtube told that he is not interested in money he wat to work for the project recently the blender has hit the latest update that is 2.8 it made blender more popular and useful. Blender is awesome feature it is very powerful I recommend starting learning 3d with blender.

Here are some blender tutorils and useful links.
Blender Guru Youtube channel
Ducky 3d Youtube Channel

There are many tutorials on youtube but my best suggestions are the above and remember blender can run easily run everywhere and the 2.8 renderers have been speeded up and can render faster than before. Blender is a really powerful and useful software. Many big companies like Unreal Engine and Ubisoft have donated to blender for their development and these companies are supporting Blender so there is a demand for Blender and the artist to get started start with blender guru beginners tutorial and then you will able to understand the concepts of the 3d environment Blender Guru has been the main content creator for the Blender he will soon have reached a million subscribers and hope everyone contributes to open source. It is one of the most useful VFX software as the 3d editor is inbuilt you don’t have to change software and move to another using such software may also cost you more money buy Blender have combined it all and in the software, we get multiple features for free and as always it is open source.

I hope this is helpful to you. And don’t forget to contribute, use, develop and create open-source software.

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